The E-DESK PRO allows you to control the desk height easily using either an App (iOS/Android) or by using the built-in control panel. Take charge of your health and posture by investing in one today. Other features include monitoring sit and stand ratio, sedentary reminders and more.


The E-DESK features multiple preset buttons which enables anyone to adjust the desk height for specific uses. Uses the latest dual motors and 3 telescopic lifting mechanism. Height range between 600mm to 1250mm.


With just a few turns of a handle, you can adjust the height of the C-DESK without the need for electricity. Recommended for users who need a specific height on a regular basis.


The INFINITY CHAIR is the perfect chair for Singapore's hot weather. Enjoy the ultimate in seating comfort with its full mesh ergonomic design. Slim and modern design with adjustable butterfly lumbar support for your back. Silent caster wheels and aluminium polished based.


Give your little ones the gift of a comfortable and fun workspace which can be adjusted ergonomically to suit them perfectly. Generous study space and various tilting angle for writing, reading and drawing. Good habits start from young.